Bee farms, from which our company receives pure and natural beekeeping products, are located in different regions of Georgia. Chestnut honey is produced from bee farms located in Sairme, in the valley of Tsablariskalli River; Spring and acacia honey – from bee farms located in Sairme valley, Van and Baghdati municipalities; Lime honey is produced in the Sairmi valley and Kakheti, where the apiary is located in the village of Pshaveli, on the way to Omalo, in the valley of the Stori river, and alpine honey is obtained in the high alpine fields of the Kazbegi district.
After collecting honey from local farmers, the product is packaged in different sizes and distributed to retail chains, catering establishments and hotels.
With the help of a fast and reliable distribution service, our products are always available, anytime and anywhere – which guarantees that you will never have to spend extra time waiting for your order.